28 Mar 2014

How to prepare for quantitative aptitude test

Top 10 Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude Test

Tip 1
Once you know about the types of questions, one by one take up these types and start preparing.

Tip 2
Since this whole section requires a lot of mathematical ability you should revise the basics of mathematics off and on.

Tip 3
Practice, practice and practice. The more you practice the higher accuracy level you achieve. Only practice can help in a good preparation.
Tip 4
The very first step to prepare well for quantitative aptitude is to know well about the types of questions that are covered under this heading. This can be done by a little bit of research and by taking up the questions of this section.
Tip 5
After you've worked on achieving a high accuracy level, you need to learn the technique of time management because it is important to attempt the questions correctly in a given amount of time. You can not just sit for hours solving one question. This again can be achieved by a lot of practice.

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