29 Mar 2014

Scope of btech in computer science

Higher studies options after B. Tech in Computer Science
Those who have completed the bachelor degree in Computer Science can have higher specialization in the related area. There exist many Colleges in India as well as abroad offering Master’s program in Computer Science. Those who have Masters of Business administration can attain both technical as well as administrative skills. Further higher study options such as M.Phil and PhD also awaits professionals in Computer science. Different courses after B.Tech in Computer science are mentioned here.
  • Masters in Technology
  • Masters in Business Administrations
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D
  • Masters in Engineering
  • Masters in Science
  • Application Development
  • Computer Systems Specialist Supervisor
  • Data Entry Worker
  • Data Processing Departmental Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Manager
  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • Director of IT
  • Computing Hardware Systems Director
  • Data Analyst

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