7 Mar 2014


Benefits of the Cloud for the TV Industry

When the improvements in bandwidth and latency made streaming of high definition video content over the Internet possible, the broadcast industry saw the first ever threat to their industry. Unlike traditional broadcast content, which ties a person to their couch and in front of their TV (not to mention requires them to watch their favorite shows according to schedules set by the stations), video over the Internet allowed consumers to watch content anywhere they want, anytime they want, and on any internet-capable device. For a while, the TV industry tried to compete through various means but eventually realized that they have to adapt in order to avoid becoming obsolete.
Now that the TV Industry is well on its way in embracing the concept of “TV Everywhere,” it stands to benefit from the technical advantages provided by a cloud-based infrastructure. However, the transition from conventional broadcasting platforms to IT-based ones will not come easy, as the complexity of delivering multimedia content, especially high definition ones, will consume a large amount of bandwidth – something that traditional media didn’t have to worry about. They can send out any content they want and be confident that it’s going to show up on TV sets exactly as they wanted it, and in the same way for every viewer (barring a few minor inconsistencies on the part of the viewers).

Conflicts of Interest

While all of the above-mentioned operators are interested in the cloud’s ability to reach as many people as possible, there’s still a few conflicting interests at work. For instance, content owners that are holding the rights to broadcasts aren’t afraid of the cloud’s capability to break existing agreements. Geographical silos have always governed broadcast content such as movies and sports broadcasts, but the cloud can easily break said silos and even region-based laws.
In a way, this works as a double edged sword, because it can inhibit the cloud distribution of broadcast content but can also serve as an opportunity for the cloud to become the place for renegotiations and applications of digital rights.Arvalto Bertelsmann came out with a list on how the TV industry uses the clouds. 

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