5 Feb 2015

Mobile phone shortcut key

Q. What to choose GSM or CDMA ? How to choose a Service provider ?
A. GSM and CDMA are the two main competing network technologies deployed by cellular service providers world over. Understanding the pros and cons of both the technologies will help you make right decision according to your requirement. 
Q. What are Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Sim Cards. Which Sim card should be purchased to keep the cost minimum ? 
A.  In case of Post-Paid Sim Card you get monthly bill according to your usage while in case of Pre-Paid you use a fixed amount which is included in the cost initially. Pre-Paid cards can be recharged using recharge coupons available in different dnominations. 
To keep the cost in control buy a Pre-Paid Card. You get STD & ISD also without any security deposit. Post Paid cards offer various price plans and is better option if the usage is high.
Q. What are the types of batteries available and which is the best ? 
A. Nickel  Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion and Nickel Cadmium. Lithium Ion batteries are considered better.
Q. What are the functions of a SIM card?
A. 1. SIM Card carries the user's identity for accessing the network and receiving calls.
    2. All calls are charged against their SIM card account.
    3. It is also equipped with a memory to store telephone numbers along with names.

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