31 May 2014

Smu mba human resource management sample paper set three

 Note: Two Square boxes in which one box is correct answer and others is wrong.

Question: State True or False: 1. The ultimate purpose of a disciplinary action is to maintain discipline, to ensure productivity, and avoid a repetition of the offence. 2. A disciplinary policy should be preventive rather than punitive. Select the correct option:    Response:
Should have chosen
Feedback: Not the right choice

Unit_13 Mark_2MCQs-Unit-13-2-Mark_MBF106
 Question:  A common mechanism that organizations use to build cross-functional teams in which one representative each from each department will work on concerns that are commonly voiced is termed as:        Response:
collective bargaining
trade unioun
Should have chosen
Task force
open house
Feedback: Not the right choice
Question: Who classifies a grievance as a complaint of one or more workers with respect to wages and allowances, conditions of work, interpretations of service stipulations, covering such areas as overtime, leave, transfer, promotion, seniority, job assignment and termination of service? Response:
Should have chosen
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Trade Union
Feedback: Not the right choice
Question: "discipline is the force that prompts an individual or a group to observe the rules, regulations and procedures which are deemed to be necessary to the attainment of an objective; it is force or fear of force which restrains an individual or a group from doing things which are deemed to be destructive of group objectives. It is also the exercise of restraint or the enforcement of penalties for the violation of group regulations".  Response:
Feedback: correct choice

Unit_12 Mark_2MCQs-Unit-12-2-Mark-MBF106
Question: 1. Good _________might be described as orderly behaviour based on definite standards catalyzed by effective leadership. 2. _______ have serious repercussions on employees. Hence they should be based on certain principles so that they must be fair, just and acceptable to employees and their union.         Response:
1-Employee grievance ;2-Promotion
Should have chosen
1-Employee conduct ;2-Disciplinary measures 
1-Employee grievance;2-Charges
1-Employee Discipline;Grievance
Feedback: Not the right choice
Question:  In case, the grievance has not been settled by top management and top union leadership, three possibilities remain: 1. The union can temporarily or permanently drop the issue; 2. The union can call a strike if the contract permits; Find the third option: Response:
The case may be taken to government
The case may be taken to the international organization
The case may be submitted to an impartial arbitrator.
Feedback: Correct choice
The case can be taken to HR Manager

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