31 May 2014

Smu mba human resource management sample paper set two

 Note: Two Square boxes in which one box is correct answer and others is wrong.

Question:  A variety of career development activates are available for use. e.g. career Planning Workshops, Career Workbooks are related to : Response:
Individual Counselling; Not the right choice-
Information Services Not the right choice-
Should have chosen
Self assessment tools Correct choice-Refer section 6.3
Initial employment Programs Not the right choice-
Question:  The work-family programs focus on increasing use of _________ and _________for managers in implementing the schedule. Response:
Technology and Incentive Not the right choice-
Workshops and Video conferencing Not the right choice-
Should have chosen
Flexible work schedules and Training Correct choice-Refer section6.5
Role plays and Group activity Not the right choice-
Question: (i)Career Planning and development. (ii)Promotions and Internal Job Postings. (iii)Succession Planning. Select the correct option:    Response:
These are the parameters to measure employee performance Not the right choice
Should have chosen
These are the key initiatives taken by organisation for employee growth Correct choice-refer section 6.2
These are the key initiatives taken by organisation to train employees Not the right choice
These are the methods used for recruitment Not the right choice
Question: Employer's responsibility is to provide employees with the tools and opportunities to enhance their ___________.              Response:
Feedback:Not the right choice-It is a time period
Should have chosen

Unit_6 Mark_2
Question:  Organisations are implementing employee growth programs to (i)To improve productivity. (ii)To control attrition. (iii)To prevent job burnout. (iv)To avoid obsolescence. Select the correct option:           Response:
only i is correct
Feedback: Not the right choice-This is only a single aspect of the programs
Only ii is correct
Only iii is correct
Should have chosen
i, ii, iii &iv all are correct
Unit_7 Mark_4MCQs-Unit-07-4-Mark-MBF106
Question: Sunshine is a medium size FMCG company. Mr. Samir is the H.R manager in the company. To evaluate employee performance, appraisal takes place. With the increased focus on team work, employee development and customer service, management needs multiple -input, performance feedback of employee. Mr. Samir uses several techniques to evaluate employee's performance; among them one of the important techniques used is in which he will ask the concerned employee's peer, internal customer, superiors, subordinate and the employee itself for information and feedback. Which appraisal technique Mr. Samir is using to evaluate employee performance by taking multiple input feedbacks?   Response:
Paired Comparison
Feedback: Not the right choice
Should have chosen
360 degree Appraisal

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