18 May 2014

Smu mba human resource management model paper

Subject – Human Resource Management
Subject code: MB0043
Bk. ID.: B1132
1 Marks Questions
 Statement and Options Correct Answer 

3 HRM is more growth-oriented whereas Personnel Management is slightly narrow. (a) Complex (b) Detailed (c) Mechanical (d) Growth-oriented.
4 ___________records details of training, skills, qualification, abilities, experience and responsibilities. (a) HRIS
(b) Skills Inventory (c) Job analysis (d) Job Description 5 In this method of training, an effort is made to expose participants to concepts and theories, basic principles, and pure and applied knowledge in any subject area. (a) Experiential Methods (b) Knowledge based Methods (c) Simulation Methods (d) Mentoring
1 _________is a new field of study embodying behavioural science knowledge relating to the working of line and staff officials and union leaders to motivate organizational goals. (a) Management by Objectives (b) Managing Organization Behavior (c) Management of Human resources (d) Personnel management 
2 KPO stands for _________ (a) Knowledge Power Output (b) Knowledge Process Outsourcing (c) Knowledge ,Perseverance, Optimism (d) Knowledge Process Output. 

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