31 May 2014

Smu mba management process and organization behavior sample paper set three

Note: If there are two square boxes for answer then only one box is correct answer and others is wrong (Not a right choice mentioned against wrong box).

Question:  HR Trendz' is a research firm. The recent survey conducted on the current workforce indicates. The new entrants have high expectations; they enjoy team work and are highly self-reliant. They don't mind doing frequent job hopping. To prepare the report research firm is referring to contemporary work cohort. What is the exact term that shall be used for such entrants?                Response:
Should have chosen
Feedback: Not the right answer refer section 4.3

Question:  Prince Polymers is a manufacturing company. Deepa is a summer intern. She is doing the project there. She found that in Prince polymers the emphasis is more aspects related to money, achievement and recognition .She is trying to identify the dominant social nature. She is referring to Hofstadter's research to prepare conclusions.        Response:
Should have chosen
Feedback: Not the right answer refer section 4.4
Power distance
Unit 5 Marks 4
Question:  Arjun is a Customer Care Officer at FineTrans Bank. He is highly competitive, hostile and aggressive. He is also impatient and excessively time-conscious. What type of Personality is he? Opt for the best suited term.           Response:
Type B Personality
Feedback: Not right answer.Refer section 5.3.4
Should have chosen
Question:  Jaya is a self-confident, ambitious and energetic person. She prefers the verbal activities, to influence others and attain power. Her mother wishes that she may learn music and become a musician while the father wants her to become a economist.You are a career counselor. What congruent occupation you may suggest, what is the personality type you identify? Response:
Social - Teacher, Counselor
Enterprising - Lawyer, Public Relations Specialist
Feedback: Right Answer
Artistic - Painter Musician
Realistic - Mechanic, Farmer
Question:  Creative Canvas is an advertising agency looking for hiring a new team of creative heads to prepare new advertisements. They are looking for the qualities like innovative, individualistic, versatile, and attracted to entrepreneurial ideas, resourceful in solving challenging problems.They decide to conduct a MBTI test, what possible combination is best suited to their requirement?             Response:
Feedback: Not right answer.Refer section 5.3.3
Should have chosen

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