18 May 2014

Smu mba managerial economics model paper

SUBJECT CODE   :  MB0042 SUBJECT              :  Managerial Economics  

4. Which theory holds the statement, "Demand is strengthened with a rise in price or weakened with a fall in price". a. Veblen‟s effect b. Giffen‟s Paradox c. Speculation d. Necessaries 
5. Due to increase in the price of the given commodity, there would be ___________ in demand. a. Decrease
b. Contraction c. Increase d. Expansion 
1. Production cost is concerned with _____ to produce a given quantity of output.   a. Demand Forecast b. Estimation of Costs c. Profit Management d. Pricing Policies 
2. Integration of business economics and strategic planning has given rise to a new area of study called __________. a. Micro Economics b. Corporate Economics. c. Macro Economics d. Managerial Economics 
3. The study of cost-output relationship comes under _________. a. Production and Cost Analysis b. Pricing Decisions c. Capital Management d. Strategic Planning 

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