30 Jun 2014

Smu mba business inteligence sample paper set four

 Question: _________refers to presenting the numbers, the statistics, the metrics and others that lacks a graphical format which will be easier to understand and interpret.Response:
Unstructured data tools
Guided analysis
Data mining
Feedback:Right choice: The BI uses this technique to make the information more usable by visual format.
Unit-12-4markTop of Form
Question: The CMS procedures care designed to: 1. Improve the communication between the users. 2. Minimise the duplicative input. 3. Assessment & the outcome of BI blue print. 4. Compare information acquired for the required assessments.Response:
1 & 2
Feedback:Right choice:The CMS procedures are designed to improve the communication between the users and minimise the duplicative input.
2 & 3
3 & 4
2 & 4
Question: SFG software provides __ and _____ services to business in the highlands and beyond.Response:
Should have chosen
IT support &Software development Right choice:SFG delivers the benefits by provising a good IT support and software development which is expected fro a small and friendly company.
Network and software testing No the right choice: SFG is not mainly concerned with networking .They are mainly into software development.
Software development & IT support Not the right choice: Software development is the main task of SFG and maintain SLA to give the best to its customers.
Network & IT support Not the right choice: SFG is concerned with IT support whereas they are not very much into networking.
Question: The content ideas to be considered while choosing the BI content are: a. Benefits of the BI solutions. b. Status of the BI solution. c. Target change. d. Objectives in view.Response:
Should have chosen
a & b
b & c
c & d
a & d
Feedback:Not the right choice: Benefits of the BI tools is considered whilen choosing the content wheras object is checked while defining the objectives.
Unit-12-2markTop of Form
Question: in case of BI solutions, once the ____ have been identified, a __ can be used to segment the end users based on the preferences to the attributes.Response:
Segments ,Tree diagram
Should have chosen
Key attributes , tree diagram
Teams, Design
Plan, Implement
Feedback:not the right choice: In BI,planning is done at the first stage. Implementation is done only if the plan gives the profit.This is one of theot give preference to the attributes.
 Question: State whether the statement is True or False. 1. Microsoft Excel is the most important and commonly used tool used in Business Intelligence. 2. It is good to purchase an already present OLAP tool rather than creating one from the scratch.Response:
Should have chosen
Feedback:Not the correct choice: Microsoft Excel is widely used because it is comparitively cheap. OLAP is used by specialisers an are complex to achieve.
 Question: The ______ & _______ work together to provide the general data access to the end user tools.Response:

Protocols & metadata
Metadata & OLAP
Feedback:Not the right choice: Metadata is data about data.OLAP performs the analysis like rich functions,dimension models. They dediine the data.
Should have chosen
OLAP & Data ware house

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