21 Jul 2014

Smu mba business intelligence model paper

MI0036 Business Intelligence Tools
Total Marks: 140
Please Answer All Questions – Only One Option is Correct
Group A

6.                          Data warehouse is a database that stores:
a.   Business related information
b.  Operating System
c.   Money
d.  Location information

7.                          _______________ is the visualization component of BI.
a.   Data Integration
b.  Analytic Layer
c.   Presentation Layer
d.  Data Warehousing

8.                          KPI stands for:
a.   Key Presentation Indicator
b.  Key Performance Indicator
c.   Key Pressure Indicator
d.  Key Pulse Indicator

9.                          BICOE stands for:
"a. Business Intelligence Centre of Experience"
"b. Business Intelligence Club of Excellence"
c.   Business Input Centre of Excellence "d. Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence"
10.                      _______ of Business Intelligence offers past, existing, and observations which can be expected in future which are of business operations.
a.   Multiplicity
b.  Methodologies
c.   Analytics
d.  Systematic processing
1                            _____________________ is a term used to refer a number of activities a company may undertake to gather information about their market or their competitors.
a.   Business intelligence
b.  Business development
c.   Market analysis
d.  Data mining
2.                          _______________ is the initial stage in BI value chain where data is developed.
a.   data resource
b.  Data Management
c.   Knowledge Management
d.  data base

3.                          __________________ is a combination of experience and understanding.
a.   Tactic knowledge
b.  Organisation knowledge
c.   Explicit knowledge
d.  Core knowledge

4.                          __________________ is both the quality of the location for sharing information and the quality of the human resources.
a.   resource quality
b.  knowledge quality
c.   data quality
d.  market quality
5.                          ETL stands for :
a.   Extract, Transform, Load
b.  Extract, Transfer, Load
c.   Extract, Transfer, Leave
d.  Expel, Transfer, Loado    All Exam Paper For SMU

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