11 Jul 2014

Smu mba ecommerce sample paper set one

Unit 01-1 Mark

3. Which of the following is the benefit of achieving good integration with search engine optimisation functions
Should have chosen
Spending valuable time for extending site
Spending time preparing submission pages
Recovering multimedia object
Delivering appropriate information
Feedback:Not the right choice: It is a function of network subsystem.
4. Expand C M
Contact Management
Capital Market
Should have chosen
Continuous Media
Commodity Manager
Feedback:Not the right choice: Commodity Manager is not the standard expansion.
5. Which among the following plays a significant part for both customers and business which forms a major factor in determining the entire business?
Should have chosen
News group
Feedback:Not the right choice: News group allows interaction through electronic bulletin board system and chat sessions.
Enterprise content management
Electronic tickets
6. Which is a process of interlinking of computing technology organisations, telecommunication networks, and content providers from journals newspapers, music and television.
Should have chosen
Media convergence
Merchant account
International payment system
Feedback:Not the right choice: International payment system is a system of recording all of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world over a period of one year.
Online office suites
1. Which is the best and easiest form of interaction between business and customers?
Should have chosen
World wide web
Feedback:Not the right choice: The World wide web plays a major role in the implementation of e-commerce in most of the organisations.
Online banking
2. Which is the process of buying and selling of information, products and services through computer networks
Should have chosen
Shopping cart
Feedback:Not the right choice: A shopping cart is an e-commerce application that allows a user to collect items while browsing an online catalogue.

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