21 Jul 2014

Smu mba computer network model paper

Model Question Paper

MI0035–Computer Networks
PART A – 1 mark questions

6. Cd stands for _____________. A. Compac disk B. Compact disk C. Committee draft D. Committee date
7. ______________ can be handled by just imagining that it repeats the entire pattern over and over forever.  A. Data signal B. ASCII code C. Binary code D. Fourier signal
8. The range of frequencies transmitted without being strongly attenuated is called ________________.  A. Wavelength  B. Bandwidth C. Transmission D. Harmonics
 9. The method of dividing a physical channel into many logical channels so that a number of independent signals may be simultaneously transmitted on. It is known as ____________. A. Packet switching B. Circuit switching C. Multiplexing D. Synchronous transmission
10. _____________ are those that provide a conduit from one device to another. A. Wired B. Wireless C. Free space D. Radio transmission 1. Residential LAN network is called ______________. A. HOME network B. LAN connection C. WAN D. Wireless
 2. If the packets are sent to only a subset or group of machines on the network, then it is called ___________. A. Broadcast links B. Point-to-point links C. Multicasting D. Internetwork
3. Which of the following is interconnecting the various components and mobile device using short range wireless links? A. System interconnection B. Wireless LANs C. Wireless WANs D. Home networks
4. _______________ Can be based on static table that are wired into the network and rarely changed. A. Routes B. Layer C. Control D. Session
5. __________________ is a main protocol at this layer which provides a single service, namely, best-effort connectionless packet transfer. A. User datagram protocol B. Transmission  control  protocol C. Arpanet protocol D. Internet packet o    All Exam Paper For SMU

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