21 Jul 2014

smu mba database management system model paper

MODEL PAPER MI0034 Database Management Systems (4 Credits) Group A: 1 Marks Questions (Question Number 1-40) Group B: 2 Marks Questions (Question Number 41-60) Group C: 4 Marks Questions (Question Number 61-75) Total Marks: 140 Please Answer All Questions – Only One Option is Correct 
Q.No Statement and Options  Group A

a.       Analysis b. programming c. design d. reporting
6. ER model is developed by __________ a. Dr. Codd b. Chen c. Mr. CAD d. Mr. Herbert Simon
7. Each attribute is associated with a set of values called ____________ of that attribute.
a. value b. domain c. tuple d. data
8. ____________________ is the data in DATABASE at a particular moment of time.
a. Database instance b. Value c. attribute d. Database schema
9. For each attribute there is a set of permitted values called the ___________ of that attribute
a. domain b. value c. atomic value d. schema
10. A domain is a set of __________________
a. related values b. atomic values c. attribute values d. tuples
1 A__________________ is an index specified by ordering key field.
   a. Clustering index b. secondary index c. multilevel index d. primary index
2. Indexes with two or more levels are called ______________ indexes
    a. clustering index b. secondary index c. multilevel index d. primary index
3. _____________ is a pointer to s disk block
     a. second field b. first field c. clustering index d. secondary index
4. The number of pointers in a node is called .
     a. data pointer b. data index c. The fan out of the node d. a tree
5. The main usage of ER model is in the ______________ of the database.

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