11 Jul 2014

Smu mba java and web design sample paper set three

2. Expand CPAN.
Comprehensive Python Active Network
Should have chosen
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Command Perl Archive Network
Feedback:Not the right choice: Not the standard expansion.
Comprehensive Perl Active Number
3. Expand WAMP.
Windows, Apache, MySpace, and PHP
Should have chosen
Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
Windows, Apache, MySQL, and Photoshop
Feedback:Not the right choice: Not the standard expansion.
Word, Apache, MySpace, and PHP
4. Identify the operating system used in SAMP.
Feedback:Right choice: Solaris is an operating system used in SAMP.
5. Identify the person who has coined the term LAMP.
Should have chosen
Michael Kunze
Michael Widenius
Tobias Ratschillers
Feedback:Not the right choice: Tobias Ratschillers was an IT consultant, who has developed the PHPMyAdmin however Michael Kunze has coined the term LAMP.
Peter Kuppelwieser
6. MySQL is named after which of the following persons daughter?
Allan Laesson
Oliver Muller
Feedback:Not the right choice: Oliver Muller is concerned with development of PHPMyAdmin however MySQL is not named after Oliver Mullers daughter.
Should have chosen
Michael Widenius
David Axmark
3. Consider a scenario where in you have to create a web application which would allow a user to access the application only on entering their user name and password. Also your application has to check if the user name and password is correct and only then allow the user to access the web application .Which of the following languages you would use for this purpose ?
Python Programming Language
Perl Programming Language
PHP Programming Language
Feedback:Right choice:PHP Programming Language checks whether the login id and password entered by the user is correct by comparing it with the data available on the database.
Unit 08-1 Mark
1. Apache is an example of ____________.
Should have chosen
Web Server
Operating system
Feedback:Not the right choice: The database is one, in which all the data is presented in the tabular form, but Apache is not the database.
Web page

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