29 Dec 2014

Smu mba legal aspects of business sample paper set one

legal aspects of business , MB0051.

 Note: If there are two square boxes for answer then only one box is correct answer and others is wrong (Not a right choice mentioned against wrong box).

Out of these four, which one is not the source of English law?Response:
Common law
Should have chosen
Business law
Statute law
Feedback:Not right answer. It is an English Law. Refer section 1.3.2
 Question: There are certain essentials which must be present in law, in order to make it effective. These are predictability,________. and ___________.Response:
Should have chosen
Flexibility and Reasonable application and coverage
Application and coverage
Coverage and application
Feedback:Not right answer. These are predictability, Flexibility and Reasonable application and coverage. Refer section 1.7
Predictability and Flexibility
 Question: Which one of the following is not the appropriate method of Discharge of Surety?Response:
Discharge by notice of revocation
Discharge by the death of surety
Discharge by variance in terms of the contract
Feedback:Not right answer. Discharge by variance in terms of the contract method is appropriate. Refer section 3.5.5
Should have chosen
Discharge by release or discharge of principal creditor

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