21 Jul 2014

smu mba managerial economics model paper

SUBJECT CODE   :  MB0042 SUBJECT              :  Managerial Economics  

5. Due to increase in the price of the given commodity, there would be ___________ in demand. a. Decrease
b. Contraction c. Increase d. Expansion 
6. ________ helps in formulating appropriate sales promotional strategy a. Substitution Elasticity of Demand b. Advertising or Promotional Elasticity of Demand        c. Income elasticity of demand d. Cross elasticity of demand 7. In which method of demand forecasting, consumer-buyers  are asked to reveal their „future purchase plans with respect to specific items.   a. Collective opinion method b. Delphi Method c. Survey of buyer‟s intentions or preferences d. Trend Projection Method 
8. At which level, estimating industry demand for the economy as a whole will be based on macro-economic variables. a. Macro level b. Micro level c. Industry level d. Micro and Industry level both. 
9. Experts views generally avoid or reduce the “Halo – Effects” and “Ego – Involvement” of the views of the others under ___. a. End Use Method b. Economic Indicators c. Trend Projection Method d. Delphi Method 
10. __________ in supply means, less quantity is supplied at a lower price.   a. Decrease b. Contraction c. Increase d. Expansion 
1. Production cost is concerned with _____ to produce a given quantity of output.   a. Demand Forecast b. Estimation of Costs c. Profit Management d. Pricing Policies 
2. Integration of business economics and strategic planning has given rise to a new area of study called __________. a. Micro Economics b. Corporate Economics. c. Macro Economics d. Managerial Economics 
3. The study of cost-output relationship comes under _________. a. Production and Cost Analysis b. Pricing Decisions c. Capital Management d. Strategic Planning 
4. Which theory holds the statement, "Demand is strengthened with a rise in price or weakened with a fall in price". a. Veblen‟s effect b. Giffen‟s Paradox c. Speculation d. Necessaries o    All Exam Paper For SMU

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