21 Jul 2014

smu mba research mathodology model paper

Model Question Paper_MB0050  
Sikkim Manipal University  MBA - Model Question Paper  Research Methodology – MB0050 (4 credits) Total Time: 2 hours                                                                                                                          Total Marks: 140 
Notes:  1. Question paper has three parts i.e. Part A, Part B and Part C  2. Part A consist 40 questions of 1 mark each  3. Part B consist 20 questions of 2 marks each.  4. Part C consist 15 questions of 4 marks each.  5. All questions are compulsory [total 75 questions]
PART A (One mark questions)

6)  Stability means - A.    Accurate  B.    Broad C.    Consistency  D.    Depth   
7)  Construct validity will be developed by the researcher based on _____________________. A.    Theoretical reasoning       B.    Empirical evidence    C.    Investigation    D.    Observation    
8)  When ranks are assigned to objects based on their properties or characteristics then the level of measurement is described as -  A.    Interval measurement  B.    Nominal measurement    C.    Ordinal measurement   D.    Scientific   
9)  Delhi’s temperature in the last 2 days was less than 10 degrees compared to Chandigarh’s which was 12 degrees. This kind of study uses which level of measurement?  A.   Ratio  B.   Nominal C.  Ordinal  D.  Interval   
10)    _______________________________means to tell whether or not the hypothesis seems to be valid. A.   Null hypothesis    B.   Testing of hypothesis   C.   Alternative hypothesis     D.   Type 1 and Type 2 errors   
1)  Carrying out an organised inquiry is called __________________.
A.    Research  B.    Survey  C.    Analysis  D.   Methodology    
2)   Logical reasoning process used in research is important to -
A. Draw inferences B. Make studies  C. Derive problem statements     D. Frame hypothesis  
3)  Research really begins when the researcher experiences ______________. A.    Turmoil  B.    Difficulty C.    Confusion   D.    Emotions   
4)  Observable experience in research is also called as ____________________. A.   Generalisation  B.   Unknown phenomena  C.   Causal experience  D.   Empirical evidence 
5)  “The assignment of numbers to represent properties” is a definition related to - A.   Research    B.   Hypothesis   C.   Measurement    D.   Scales      
Model Question Paper_MB0050 o    All Exam Paper For SMU

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