21 Jul 2014

Smu mba software engineering & tools model paper

MODEL PAPER MI0033 Software Engineering (4 Credits) Group A: 1 Marks Questions (Question Number 1-40) Group B: 2 Marks Questions (Question Number 41-60) Group C: 4 Marks Questions (Question Number 61-75) Total Marks: 140 Please Answer All Questions – Only One Option is Correct

 a. Project scheduling  b. Project metrics  c. Product d. Initiation phase 
5. A ______________ is a collection of data from the past developed software projects. 
a. Baseline b. Source lines of code c. External interface d. Code coverage
 6. Expand PERT. 
a. Program Evaluation and Review Technique b. Project Evaluation and Review Technique c. Program Evolution and Review Technique d. Program Evaluation and Reuse Technique
7. The ________________ are the tools used for analysing and scheduling complex projects.
a. Gantt charts b. Line of codes c. Function points d. Sequential activities 
8. Project tracking can be referred to as _____________________, 
a. Project estimation software  b. Project tracking software c. Project Scheduling software d. Project management software 
9. The ____________________  are the most harmful  risks and it brings out the details of the best software projects. 
a. Project risks  b. Schedule risks c. Business risks d. Technical risks 
10. The ________________ are  used to control and manage the information that is created during software development.
  a. Business Systems Planning Tool b. Programming Tools c. Support Tools d. Analysis and Design Tools
 1. ______________  can be defined as a group of entities that are inter dependent and depict the common practices between different departments in an organisation.
     a. Software process b. Process framework  c. Software engineering  d. Software validation 
2. A ____________ is a collection of programs that instructs the computer to perform a task.
     a. Hardware  b. Framework c. Architecture d. Software  
3. This practice of using in-built components is popularly known as _________________.
     a. Software engineering b. Component building  c. Component engineering d. Software designing
 4. The _________________ provides  an idea about how to measure a software product.11. We can use ____________________ for determining the complexity of a software program’s control structure
a. Project management metrics b. Test coverage metrics c. Process metrics d. Complexity metrics