21 Jul 2014

smu mba statistics for management model paper

MB0040 Statistics for Management
(4 Credits)
Book code: B1129
Group A: 1 Marks Questions (Question Number 1-40)
Group B: 2 Marks Questions (Question Number 41-60)
Group C: 4 Marks Questions (Question Number 61-75) 
Full Marks: 140
Please Answer All Questions – Only One Option is Correct
Group A

7. When the area to be covered is very large and periodic information is required then
the method of collection is done by a. Direct personal observation b. Indirect oral interview c. Through Questionnaires d. Through local agencies
8. In classification each unit is allotted to  a. overlapping group  b. Only one group c. Two or more groups d. None of the groups 
9. Data classified according to the time of occurrence is known as
a. Qualitative classification b. Conditional classification c. Chronological classification d. Geographical classification  
10. Classification of workers according to education and skill is called a. Two-way b. Manifold c. One-way d. Time series
1. Statistics are collected in a     
a. Random Manner b. Whims & Fancies c. Systematic manner d. Haphazard manner                                 
2. In industry Statistics is applied in the following areas  a. Plant layout b. Quality control c. No. of vendors d. Transfers of Managers 
3. In which of the following cases, we can make statistical analysis 
(a) Data only on winning margin of a legislative candidate 
(b) Data on result of football final match in a tournament 
(c) Mark-sheet of a student 
(d) Number of people died in a bus accident                                         
4. Statistical Survey is a scientific process of  a. Collection of data b. Collection and analysis of data c. Analysis of data d. Collection and analysis of numerical data 
5. Control methods adopted in a survey at every stage is to check e. Cost f. Time consumed g. Accuracy h. Accuracy, measurement analysis and interpretation
6. The data collected for the first time is known as a. Data b. Primary data c. Secondary data d. Series  o    All Exam Paper For SMU

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