29 Dec 2014

Smu mba advanced production and operations management model paper

 Subject: Advanced Production and Operations Management, OM0013.

Note: Two Square boxes in which one box is correct answer and others is wrong.

25.  _________________ are the organisations or units that are responsible for providing resources, stock, and other assets.  a. Secondary members  b. Primary members  c. Relationship members  d. Activity members  
26. EVSM stands for:  a. Efficient Volume Stem Maps  b. Extended Value Stem Maps  c. Efficient Value Stream Maps  d. Extended Value Stream Maps  
27.  _________________ Maps identifies the lead time of the inventory.  a. Pipeline inventory  b. Relationship based  c. Time based process  d. Extended Value Stream Maps  
28. The higher the supply chain _______, the more successful the supply chain.  a. Global issues  b. Location  c. Profitability  d. Inventory  
29. The specialisation model creates ________ and distribution networks.  a. Participants  b. Partners  c. Products  d. Manufacturing  


      25.   C       
      26.   B            
      27.   A             
      28.   B             
      29.   C            
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