29 Dec 2014

Smu mba quality management model paper

 quality management , OM0016.
Note: Two Square boxes in which one box is correct answer and others is wrong.

20. The ____________ involving calculation of correlations between the items and sum of
the item scores of the complete test.
a. Analysis
b. Measurement
c. Latter index
d. Clarity
21. The organisation will often be able to get a better deal by booking __________ time in
a. Resources
b. Quality
c. Press
d. Product
22. The ___________ is used to collect cost data on a sampling basis, or on a continuous
a. Cost of Quality (COQ)
b. Quality improvement
c. Quality control
d. Senior management
23. ISO defines ____________ as all the planned and systematic activities implemented
within the quality system
a. Quality audit
b. Quality control
c. Quality assurance
d. Self control

20c, 21c, 22a, 23c,

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