29 Sep 2014

How to find and fix broken links for given website

This is the kind of scenario that would usually revolve around a website that has been lax in its management and where broken links have become rampant. Among the many bad habits or mistakes that a website can commit, having broken links is one of the most serious of them. Broken links bring with it so many negative effects that it may leave your online business or website reeling from its effects, which are very hard to correct. Search engine bots are stopped dead by broken links because they would think that it is the end of the line. And as previously illustrated in the scenario, visitors will be turned off by a website that has dead links because they will think that there is no information available when in fact, the data is there but it becomes inaccessible because of an error in code.
A website that is filled with broken links suffers a lot in terms of damaged reputation. The website will be seen as unprofessional and many may even think that it is a shady operation. The same goes with website owner, who may be seen as a person with a dubious reputation. These negative hits on the reputation alone can have very damaging effects to a business. And we are not even counting the many visitors who will not visit the site anymore because they have been turned off by the broken links.

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