27 Dec 2014

Smu mba operations management model paper

Model Question Paper
OM0010 – Operations Management
PART A – 1 mark questions

5. The ______rating, points to several labour issues in India. While India is ranked
rd on „abundance of labour force‟, it occupies 46th position in „employee training‟
and 50th position in „labour productivity‟.
a. 1995
b. 1996
c. 1997
d. 19946. Identifying potential customers is the role of –
a. Marketing
b. Finance
c. Operations
d. Manufacturing
7. The book, 'The Manufacturing Advantage' was written by –
a. Porter
b. Nigel Slack
c. Kano
d. Steve Davis
1. ______ is credited as the initiator of the Human Resource Movement.
a. Eli Whitney
b. Elton Mayo
c. Henry H. Gantt
d. Walter A. Shewart
2. Craft Production involved:
a. Using machines made of iron instead of wood
b. Mass manufacturing of products to decrease cost.
c. Highly skilled workers producing customer specific goods.
d. Skilled workers producing low cost, generic products
3. Scientific Management emphasised on __________.
a. Maximising output
b. Maximising efficiency
c. Better management of the employees
d. Minimising operations cost
4. Ford is credited with conceptualising and introducing ____________.
a. Interchangeable parts
b. Mass production
c. Division of labour

d. Principles of Scientific management
8. The characteristic shape of Product Life Cycle is –
a. Stretched out S
b. Elongated W
c. Stretched out M
d. Elongated A
9. What replicates a situation where prices of products are increased more than the
costs of resources?
a. Price over-recovery
b. Price under-recovery
c. Price before-recovery
d. Price after recovery
10. Productivity directly influences the_________ of operations.
a. Quality
b. Cost
c. Production
d. Service

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