1 Oct 2014

Bank po computer general knowledge with solution set 1 part 2

26. An essential difference between the operating system that runs a typical desktop computer and the operating system that runs a typical PDA is that:
A. the desktop OS has a graphical user interface whereas the PDA OS does not.
B. the desktop OS can run several programs simultaneously whereas the PDA OS cannot.
C. the desktop OS manages hardware resources whereas the PDA OS does not.
D. the desktop computer has an OS whereas a PDA does not.
Answer: B 

27. The MS-DOS operating system is a:
A. graphical user interface, single-tasking operating system.
B. graphical user interface, multi-tasking operating system.
C. command-driven interface, single-tasking operating system.
D. command-driven interface, multi-tasking operating system.
Answer: C 

28. Which of the following was an early desktop operating system that included an integrated graphic user interface with point-and-click features?
B. Mac OS
C. Unix
D. Gnome
Answer: B 

29. The most recent version of the Mac OS is based on the ____________ operating system.
A. Windows
B. Linux
C. Unix
Answer: C 
23. A table is a collection of:
A. files.
B. worksheets.
C. fields.
D. records. 
Answer: D 

24. A ____________ is a small program that helps to automate a frequently used series of commands in most productivity software tools.
A. template
B. macro
C. utility
D. wizard
Answer: B 

25. A real-time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following tasks?
A. Controlling access to a shared printer in a network
B. Ensuring that the system clock works correctly on a server
C. Managing the access to system files in a laptop computer
D. Controlling the fuel injection system of an automobile engine
Answer: D 

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