25 Oct 2014


Tour to Mathura

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By road
Mathura is now connected with New Delhi via Noida-Agra world class express ways(6 lane). This will be a lovely exprience travling by Noida-Agra express ways. Awesome drive....Best express ways in India. Distance of Noida-Mathura is 135 KM only....
Mathura is situated between Delhi and Agra on National Highway 2, about 150 km south of Delhi and 50 km north of Agra. NH-2 is one of the best highways of country. Upcoming Taj expressway is in east of the city. Mathura is well connected to national capital Delhi, state capital Lucknow and all major cities by road. Many state transport departments busses are running through Mathura. There are also ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal) services from Delhi Sarai Kale Khan with frequency of 25 minutes.
By train
Mathura is an important railway junction. Most trains between Delhi and Agra stop in Mathura. The journey from Delhi takes 2-3 hours depending on the train type, while from Agra the trip takes about one hour. Most of the south bound and west bound trains stop at Mathura. August Kranti Rajdhani Express 12950/12951 (for Mumbai) for Delhi stops at Mathura. Other than that almost all major trains from Delhi and Agra stop at Mathura. It is well connected to national capital Delhi, state capital Lucknow and all major cities by rail.
From Sultanpur/Varanasi/Lucknow you may take train 13237/13239 Patna-Mathura.


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