25 Oct 2014

Graphics engine for embedded linux

3D graphics engine for embedded Linux without Android
I am facing a task to introduce some custom yet to be written written 3D games into our embedded Linux board. Our system is a custom Linux distribution. 
Info1) Have a look at www.inka3d.com. The same engine also works on embedded linux with some more features (e.g. clip libraries of Maya can be used). Currently it works on BeagleBoard even with character animation at 30 fps and 1024x768.
Info2) Since you've decided on Qt for your UI, you definitely want a graphics library that's compatible with Qt.
So it sounds like OpenGL ES is exactly what you're looking for:
Qt for Embedded Linux provides support for integrating OpenGL ES for drawing into a QGLWidget. The current implementation supports OpenGL and 2D painting within a QGLWidget.
Q: Exactly what's holding you back (you didn't specify the exact board or any details about your toolchain/library vendors)?
PS: You might also wish to look here:

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