7 Oct 2014

How to upload xml sitemap to blogger blog spot blog

XML site map file can be created manually or by using sitemap generator tools and It is easy to upload in a website root directory. The XML file called sitemap.xml created and easily uploaded in the root directory.
But problems arise when you are trying to upload XML sitemap file to a Blogger or BlogSpot blog. So how you will submit your sitemap.xml for your Blogger or BlogSpot blog / site when you can't upload one to the root dir. Yesterday I was searching the term "How to upload sitemap.xml file to blogger blog" than I thought that there will be lots of peoples who are searching for the same terms.
We can easily upload the XML sitemap in blogger or BlogSpot blog. There is very simple way to submit your blogs sitemap to the blogger/BlogSpot blog.

Step1: Just login to your Google webmaster account. If you did not add your blog in webmaster account, just add your blog.
Step2. After that click on your blog and in left side panel click on Site Configuration and click on Sitemaps.
Step3: Click on Submit a sitemap button and write - "atom.xml" without quotes.
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