26 Oct 2014

Opengl es 2.0 from windows

Linux opengl es 2.0 from windows

I have few graphic effects on image which i am able to run on windows 7 visual studios 2008 with opengl es 2.0. on ARM Emulator.
Now i want the to port my implementation to linux for embedded devices. I dont have any idea on linux and never worked on it till now.
Is it possible that someone can provide a primer or some material so that i can start my porting for windows to embedded linux.

Ans: The best way to have a fully compatible OpenGL ES 2.0 (1.0/1.1 as well if required) environment is to use one of the GPU manufacters' SDK.
One of the most common and well done is the one from Imagination technologies for their PowerVR GPU line (Iphones and a lot of Androids http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PowerVR_products)
You can download and then install the emulator and the SDK from this link:

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