26 Oct 2014

Opengles 1.0 in eclipse

Setting up OpenGL ES 1.0 in Eclipse on Linux (Ubuntu 3.0.0) for Android development
I've been developing an Android app in Eclipse (java) using openGL ES 1.0 on a Mac. I had to switch from developing this app on a Mac and continue this project on a laptop running Ubuntu 3.0.0.

The OpenGL ES 1.0 libraries are indeed included after installed the android SDK and ADT. I had thought that they weren't as after I moved my project over to my Ubuntu machine, I had errors on my openGL ES functions all of which were "(func) must override a superclass method". Looked again and noticed these were all functions of an "implements (class)" not an "extends (class)"
Supposedly, an error should be thrown by the compiler "if a method annotated with @Override does not actually override a method in a superclass." 

Ans: OpenGL ES 1.0 already exists in the Android, although if you are porting it from Java SE the method signatures may be different.
See the following for details: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/graphics/opengl.html
Alternatively, it may be additional libraries which you are having problems with. If you have the source to them you can port them, otherwise you'll need to find/make the appropriate Android API equivalents.

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