25 Oct 2014


·         Government Museum, Dampier Nagar (Ask and ask...). 10.30-4.30. Superb collection of Kushana art, with some fine Gupta sculptures, and Gandaran objects. Sleepy place, but wonderful.  

·         Ramleela. Sep-Oct. A play act based on the story of the great Lord Ram. In this act the main play is Ram Barat. In Ram Barat you can take the fun Sword Fighting and other fighting styles in the Akhada's.  


·         Clothes     Milk Products
·         Souvenir Articles from Govt. Museu
·         Sweets
·    m
·         Leather shoes from factory Outlets on NH-2 (towards Agra)


·         Agrawal Dhaba, NH-2. Probably this is the best place to have food in Mathura  
·         Brijwasi Chat Wala, (Near Khadi Ashram, Tilak Dwar). After 5PM.  
·         Café Coffee Day, (Nh-2 Hiway Plaza). 
·         Bhagvan Das ka Bhalla, Ghiya Mandi chok bajar (Opp Jain Street). After 5PM. Street food. 15 rs.  

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