15 Oct 2014

What is pipe named pipe reading writting

What Is A Pipe?

One of the mechanisms that allow related-processes to communicate is the pipe, or the anonymous pipe. A pipe is a one-way mechanism that allows two related processes (i.e. one is an ancestor of the other) to send a byte stream from one of them to the other one. Naturally, to use such a channel properly, one needs to form some kind of protocol in which data is sent over the pipe. Also, if we want a two-way communication, we'll need two pipes, and a lot of caution...
The system assures us of one thing: The order in which data is written to the pipe, is the same order as that in which data is read from the pipe. The system also assures that data won't get lost in the middle, unless one of the processes (the sender or the receiver) exits prematurely.

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