20 Oct 2014

What is sys v resource id

/* identifier returned by ftok() */
key_t set_key;
/* generate a "unique" key for our set, using the */
/* directory "/usr/local/lib/ourprojectdir".      */
set_key = ftok("/usr/local/lib/ourprojectdir", 'a');
if (set_key == -1) {
    perror("ftok: ");
/* now we can use 'set_key' to generate a set id, for example. */
sem_set_id = semget(set_key, 1, IPC_CREAT | 0600);

One note should be taken: if we remove the file and then re-create it, the system is very likely to allocate a new disk sector for this file, and thus activating the same 
ftok call with this file will generate a different key. Thus, the file used should be a steady file, and not one that is likely to be moved to a different disk or erased and re-created.

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