25 Oct 2014



Kanyakumari has a lot of tender coconut shops selling tender coconuts for Rs. 10. (US$ 0.2). The orange variety of tender coconut, which is plentiful in this area and is priced the same, is worth trying as it's much tastier than the green coloured one.


Though there are a lot of fresh juice stalls, it is perhaps best to avoid them as the stalls are seldom clean and the ice they add to the juice may be contaminated. It may have many water-borne diseases of the digestive tract. (That said, I drank the juice in a busy restaurant and was fine... if you get sick, you can normally just antibiotic or Flagyl it away...)



Avoid bringing alcohol to the beach as this place is a pilgrim centre and it's considered taboo to booze. (That said, there are LOADS of discarded high-alcohol content liquor bottles all around various parts the beach slightly away from the developed/tourist zone, so it's obviously not that unheard of!)

Bottled drinks

Bottled drinks are readily available, and usually safe to drink. Note that bottled drinks are always priced higher (about Rs 2 to Rs 5 higher) than the MRP in these areas. Of bottled drinks, ThumsUp (Cola flavored) and Limca (Lime flavored), both branded by The Coca-cola company are worth tasting as they are tailored specially for the Indian market.
·         Akshaya, K.P.Rd (near Chettikulam Jn., Nagercoil),  04652-235553.  edit


At least one of the hotels in the middle of town have a subterranean bar. Just walk down the hill a little before the boat ramp, scroll around and you'll find one. Air conditioned, various beers for 120 rupees, and an extensive (and refreshingly non South Indian specific) menu was on offer at the one I found... roughly diagonally opposite hotel Sea View, back north down the street away from the water and hotel Sea Face.


Tourists can buy a lot of interesting items ranging from, straw hats, conches, sea shells, cheap electronics etc., There are some small shops where one can get a customized conch with name or quotes inscribed. These items can serve as a memorable item of your trip.
·         Star Wholesale and Retail- In Sannathy Street on South Car Road.
It has some of the best mirrors in town, decorated with conches and shells. Very reasonable rates. With best finishing. Friendly Owner. A must buy from this shop for souveneirs and items (Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, candle stand, ganesh ji etc.) to take back for relatives.
Mirrors decorates with sea shells and conches are available almost everywhere 
Electronics available at Kanyakumari are dead cheap but, since all of them are imported from china, the quality of them are always sub-par. It's always good to avoid the electronics shops and the associated hagglers. Hair bands and clips made of coconut shells are worth the money and you may have to ask one for to the shop keeper if one is not available at the display. Star fish shells (for decorating your indoors), sea shells of various sizes, kaleidoscopes, colourful sand packets(not artificially colored), collected from different parts of the beach, used specially for decorating your indoor showcases, are also available. The cost of majority of these commodities range from Rs 20 (0.5 US$) to Rs 50 (1.1 US$), and never cross a 100.There are some antiques shops too unlike handicrafts these original antiques gives you pleasant surprise.Antiquslike kavadi,Painitings ,South indian lamps are worth the money.Tourists can also visit shops in the temple premises for buying handicraft items like wooden cups,wooden plates,wooden boxes of various shapes,wooden penstand,chariot,tea coasters,safety lockers and various decorative antique wooden pieces at good prices.Such handicraft works are brought as a souvenir from Kanyakumari as they show the creativity of the locals here.Authentic conches and good quality vaastu items can also be found in these temple-side shops. It is a good deal to buy conches in kanyakumari. Conches and seashell bangles are trademark products of this place.

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