25 Oct 2014


Winter Season in Kanyakumari
Winters season in Kanyakumari starts from the month of December and lasts till February. Winters are not much different from the summers. The maximum temperature recorded here in this season is 34°C while the minimum temperature counts 17°C in the region. But due to cool sea winds, the city temperature experiences a slight dip in temperatures but not much cold or chill.

The temperatures are more or less constant through the year. Though the best time to visit Kanyakumari would be anytime betweenOctober to March when the day time temperatures are a salubrious 25-30 degrees C making it very comfortable weatherwise. Whichever month you visit be sure to include a full moon night in your stay. The sunsets and the moon rises at the horizon almost simultaneously, in breathtaking synchrony.

Monsoon Season in Kanyakumari
In Kanykumari, the monsoon season is well-known for its rainfall and thunderstorms. The city experiences annual rainfall of approximately 1465 mm. The season of monsoon generally starts from the month of June and remains till September. The temperature usually falls due to the showers.

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