12 Nov 2014

Best 3d tv samsung sony lg

Samsung 3D TV brings the action Active 3D (active 3D), which uses electronic glasses. An interesting feature is that it can convert all the menus and functions from 2D to 3D, whether watching TV, playing video games or watching movies. However, the converted images do not have as much quality as those already made ​​in 3D, but enough to add a good depth experience in three dimensions.
Series models of Sony 3D TV , for example, have good image quality, depth and are generally free from noise.

1.The best point of the active 3D (glasses with batteries) is having high definition (full HD) 1080p. But the glasses are larger, heavier and cost more, if you need to buy them separately. Also, remember that they work with internal and rechargeable batteries. So if they have a problem, you can not just swap them: need to buy new glasses.
2.Have passive 3D, as it brings the two sides of the picture at the same time, has a slightly reduced compared to the definition Full HD.
3.When buying, make sure the  3D TV comes with 3D glasses included, allowing the family to watch content in three dimensions with comfort and fun, and without having to buy them separately. With all these tips, choose the brand that can deliver the best TV for your home in style.

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