1 Nov 2014

Difference between samsung lg sony tv


User interface
First of all, Samsung has worked hard to seriously refresh its smart TV user interface, and it shows. Gone is the clunky and dated design complete with swimming pool background, replaced with a much slicker panel-based user interface.

There is no distracting background, just a set of panels that you can scroll through to enjoy different parts of the Samsung's Smart TV experience. These panels consists of: On TV, Social, Apps, Movies & TV and All Share.

The On TV section is like a guide to everything currently available to watch live. You can view upcoming programmes and current content at a glance, as well as rapidly flick through channels to get to what you want to watch.

The hardware

For those who have already invested in a Smart TV, the majority of Samsung's 2013 sets can use something called the evolution kit, a plug-in box which will bring the television up to date with the latest Smart experience, so you don't need to invest in a new television altogether.


User interface

LG's user interface isn't quite as slick as the new Samsung offering, but it isn't far behind it either. Everything is divided up into small boxes which you can then scroll left and right between using the television's remote. 


User interface

Sony was actually one of the first manufacturers to enter the Smart TV game. Powered by what Sony calls its 'intelligence centre', its offering is actually fairly different to the Korean manufacturers.

While it might be simpler, in that it is simply a list of scrollable apps, it actually ends up being a much more difficult list to scroll through and find what you want. Think of it slightly like Windows 8's tile-based UI, except if each tile were an app.

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