12 Nov 2014

Get your first customer

Paying customers. 

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2. Stalk and awe.

Some potential customers will always be totally out of your reach but might make incredible early adopters. I like to employ my signature "Stalk and Awe" campaign. First, I stalk these people -- not the kind of stalking that’s an unwanted, obsessive intrusion on someone’s personal space that can lead to arrest.
Find anyone who might have a connection to the person you want to meet and ask for an introductory email or a warmup call. The harder this person is to reach, the more recommendations you'll need. Next, send a letter of introduction and follow up with a call. Locate opportunities to attend events where the person will be so you can “run” into them (networking and business events only). I'm not suggesting crashing a wedding or joining the person's gym. 

1. Use every relationship you have. 
It’s hard enough to make cold calls, but it’s extremely difficult to sell new, innovative products and services using that method.
You need to meet with people who have some connection to you, no matter how slight.
When I started my first company, my clients were supposed to companies. I sat down and made a list of everyone I knew who owned a business and came up with only five names. This was very 

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