17 Nov 2014

Infrared bluetooth wifi weakness

 Bluetooth can be used to transfer data between 2 computers (though I haven't seen it done). However, bluetooth is mostly used to connect a device and a peripheral (such as a cell phone and a wireless headset, or a cell phone and a computer to sync or backup contacts, that sort of thing). 

Wifi is a wireless network signal, mostly in one of the 802.11 specifications (802.11b & 802.11g being the most common). This allows things like having wireless Internet access, transferring files between 2 computers, playing online games without a network cable, etc. 

Infrared allows transfer of data between 2 devices, typically either 2 laptops or a computer and an infrared accessory. However, the range on IR is fairly low (not sure exactly what), and the 2 devices have to be pointing directly at each other. The speed of data transfer is also not very high. For this reason, it's not widely used except as a way to quickly transfer a file between 2 IR-enabled laptops. 

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