1 Nov 2014

Netflix rivalling cloud based tv service

Sony's future is cloudy

As for when it will be released? Well it hasn't even got a name yet (unless it's actually called 'cloud-based TV service' which would suck) but testing will begin later in the year.
To go with the TV flavoured announcement, Sony brought Vince Gilligan on to the stage. And this is where things get interesting: Breaking Bad is a Sony Pictures television show that did a deal with Netflix – a service Sony has just announced it will rival.
Gilligan's next project Better Call Saul has also been announced for Netflix – we're guessing it will also be available on whatever Sony calls its TV streaming service later in the year.
In other cloud-based news, Sony has revealed that it has rebranded Gaikai - which it snapped up back in 2012 - as Playstation Now, which will offer PS One, Two and Three games through selected Sony smartphones, tablets and TVs.
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