17 Nov 2014

Opengl es resources site material link

Books: Opengl es resources site material link
§  (Orange Book) "OpenGL Shading Language".
§  Edward Angel, "OpenGL - A Primer", 3rd eds, Pearson Education.
A very "thin" book that gives a good introduction about OpenGL. The codes in C++ uses GLUT, which greatly simplifies interacting with the Windows OS.
§  Edward Angel and David Shreiner "Interactive Computer Graphics - A top-down approach using OpenGL", 6th ed, Pearson Education, 2012.
§  (Red book) "OpenGL Programming Guide", 6th Eds, 2008, Addison-Wesley.
A must-read for OpenGL programmers.
§  (Blue book) "OpenGL Superbible - Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference", 4th eds, Addison-Wesley.

Good undergraduate text book on Computer Graphics.
§  JungHyun Han, "3D Graphics for Game Programming", CRCPress, 2011.
Good and simple explanation for the Graphics Renderer Pipeline and the various transforms, with many nice diagrams.

Online Resources
§  Nate Robin's OpenGL Tutor @ http://www.xmission.com/~nate/opengl.html.
One of the best sites on OpenGL. Provides a few animated programs to illustrate OpenGL functions, such as
 gluLookAt. Nate Robin also provide the original GLUT library.

§  Lighthouse 3D tutorials @ http://www.lighthouse3d.com.
§  OpenGL mother site @ www.opengl.org.
§  Nehe OpenGL Tutorials @ http://nehe.gamedev.net.
One of the best sites on OpenGL.

JOGL (Java Bindings on OpenGL)
§  JOGL mother site @ https://jogl.dev.java.net.

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