1 Nov 2014

Voice and gesture control samsung tv

And most home theater enthusiasts -- you know, the people likely to be able to afford the hefty step-up premium Samsung is charging for this feature -- have their universal remotes planted firmly in- or close at-hand when watching TV. If they're anything like me, those viewers will quickly find that a thumb on the remote can do nearly everything Smart Interaction can do, and do it better and more efficiently.
Voice search
The one situation where voice control could be potentially be easier than using a remote is during searches. On a TV that means skipping the on-screen keyboard used for entering keyword searches, and instead saying something like "Game of Thrones" directly at the TV.
Like many Smart TV suites, Samsung's includes numerous video services you can search individually (but not via voice)--the only major omission is Amazon Instant. Samsung also offers a Your Video meta-search that hits a bunch of those services at once, including Netflix and Vudu but excluding Hulu Plus and your own cable/satellite TV listings. The built-in Web browser is better than any other TV-based browser, but still worse than the one on your laptop, tablet or phone (one of which is probably in the same room as the TV and just as easy to access).
What is Smart Interaction?
In addition to the built-in camera and microphone along the top frame of the TV, Smart Interaction TVs come with a Bluetooth-to-IR blaster and two different remotes: a standard multibutton clicker and a new touch pad number with just a few flush buttons and another microphone. Samsung intends the latter to be your main controller for the TV, but in practice its touch pad was so unresponsive -- and its buttons so sparse -- that I ended up using the standard clicker whenever I could. I wish it had a mic, too, since it really helped accuracy during voice commands.

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