22 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern for honeywell

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management
Senior technical roles involve coordinating between multiple teams - hardware, mechanical, marketing, manufacturing, certification, etc. and can push the work life balance. Can become stressful.
Good support for equipment- development infrastructure - hardware, labs, legal teams for IP support, multiple consulting teams for specialised product development support Opportunities to work across a diverse set of technologies from thermostats, to avionics systems to application development.
Advice to Management
Nothing really. Maybe just improve hiring from top schools and companies.
About Company
Honeywell manufactures and invents various technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges which are initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in society ,science and technology . Increasing our security and safety. Enabling people around the world to connect, collaborate and communicate. And equipping our customers to be even more productive. 
About Syllabus
About the Recruitment test:
Cutoff: 70%+ in B-tech
Written test (overall cutoff is 52 marks and no negative marking)
2 technical interviews
1 HR interview

Paper Pattern
100 questions :  100 minutes.
The questions were from many subjects.
They are DBMS - 10 to 15 questions(Dont remember in exact figures)
C and DS - 10 to 15
Microprocessors - 10 to 15
Computer networks (the same no:)
Operating systems
General Aptitude 20 questions.

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