13 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern for novell

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management
As a student at BYU, Novell has been EXTREMELY flexible with my work schedule. I make my own hours, and when I need time off as long as I let them know in advance I'm able to take off as much as I need. I've gained incredible work experience here as well, being able to work on great projects that often times the Board of Directors see.
I would be afraid to work here if I were planning on building a long term career starting at Novell. There's not a lot of room to grow.Advice to Management
Focus on long-term and not short term results. For example, the company recently finished a "100-in-100" campaign, with the goal being to invoice $100 million in revenue in 100 days. 
About Company
Novell, Inc.  is an American multinational software and services company headquartered in Provo, Utah Novell technology contributed to the emergence of local area networks, which displaced the dominant mainframe computing model and changed computing worldwide. . It has been instrumental in making the Utah Valley a focus for technology and software development. 
About Syllabus
About the Recruitment test:
Aptitude Section - 15 questions in 20 minutes.
Technical Section - 25 questions in 20 minutes.
C Programming Section - 15 questions in 20 minutes.

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