5 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern for sonata

 About Syllabus
Sonata Test Consists of 4 Sections.
1)      English:Synonyms & antonyms,Sentence correction,Paragraph based questions.
2)      Logical ability: 9+9*Alphabet and number series,Blood relations,Directions,Analytical puzzles,
3)      Quant: Ratio proportions, Time and distance, Relative speed, time and work, Profit and loss, Discount, Percentages, Probability, Permutations and combinations.
4)      Technical ,HR interview
About Company
Date of Establishment
18-10 1994
55.6499 ( USD in Millions )
Market Cap
13865.2544961 ( Rs. in Millions )
Corporate Address
208,S K Ahire Marg,T V Industrial Estate WorliMumbai-400030, Maharashtra

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