5 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern for syntel

Placement paper pattern for syntel

I have collected all paper asked in syntel. This is complete question bank which will help in preparation of syntel. We’ve given clear-cut answers for all questions in pdf format. Fresher’s can utilize these placement materials to improve your ability. I hope this article will also utilize to expertise you in the field of preparing interview for private and government sector jobs.

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About Company
Syntel, Inc. is a U.S. based multinational provider of integrated technology and business services. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Syntel services its clients through 17 global development centers in India and the United States. Syntel is a certified minority-owned business (MBE).

On April 21, 2014 Prashant Ranade, former CEO and President of Syntel was elevated to Executive Vice Chairman of the Syntel Board, while Nitin Rakesh took over as the CEO and President. Founder and Ex-CEO Bharat Desai will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board, and is the majority shareholder.

Global Offices: Syntel's global headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan, in suburban Detroit, but has 30 worldwide facilities located in the U.S., UK, Germany, Philippines, Australia, andCanada. The company's offshore software development centers are located in Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon and Pune, India, as well as Manila, Philippines. The Company's US-based development centers are located in Phoenix, Arizona, Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee and suburban Baltimore, Maryland.

e-Business Services: Syntel provides strategic advanced technology services for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of solutions to enable customers to be more competitive. Many of the advanced technology solutions are around utilization of the Internet and mobile devices, which have transformed many businesses. The Company provides customized technology services in the areas of Web solutions, including architecture, enablement of legacy applications and portal development
Website: http://www.syntelinc.com
About Syllabus
Syntel Test Consists of 4 Round.
1.)Written test was not that easy. There were 3 sections.
      a. Verbal Ability.
      b. Logical Reasoning.
      c. Quantitative Ability.

On the day of interview there were 3 rounds.
2.) Group Discussion.
3.) Technical Interview.

4.) HR Interview.
Recommended Books Material for syntel
1.      Refer for complete interview questions collection www.abhilashatechnology.com/p/interview.html
2.      Refer R S AGRWAL'S verbal and non verbal reasoning books or quantitative aptitude text book
3.      Barron's GRE for English
4.      Arun Sharma – Quantitative aptitude 
5.      You Tube Video which talks how can you improve your answers?
Students Feedback 1
Syntel Interview Experience - Chennai. October 29, 2014

First up all I have to say that I have done lot of home work before appearing the interview. I brushed up knowledge based on the topic like C/C++ Java sql software engineering, operating system. Also my project related technologies. I went through the company site and gathered a general awareness about the company and the technologies using their, products and services.

The hiring process included aptitude test, GD, Tech round, HR round.

The online test was conducted on May in our college. It included questions from English, Reasoning and Maths. It was simple. For maths you can refer aptitude books of R S Aggarwal. For English and Reasoning I referred Indiabix. " Thank You Indiabix you are doing great job!".

Those who cleared apti was called for interview at Chennai office on October. We were directed to one of the training hall. There were students from Andhra, Kerala, West Bengal, Chennai.

We were divided into a group of 10 people. Each with 5 Boys & 5 Girls. The topic given to my group was " Modi or Gandhi - who is better leader ". They provided 5 min to think about it and then session started. I couldn't start first and also couldn't speak at any time. It was like male dominance. I was just listening to what others speaking.

Whenever I try to speak then someone else grabs that chance I felt like I won't clear it. But I kept on trying. Some of them talked for Modi Some other talked for Gandhi. Someone said even modi follows gandhian principle quoted swachh bharath and all. After some minutes coordinator called out my name saying that I haven't spoken anything so tell what my point is.

So I started speaking. I said both were great leaders who worked for one thing that is to make India beautiful. Both leaders contributed according to the need of India. Gandhi fought for freedom while Modi trying for development. I quoted the Internet. Org plan of Modi and facebook as a recent development plan. I could only say that point.

Coordinator gave a chance to students who haven't spoken like me. Friends you can say whatever comes to your mind at that time. Don't waste this chance by sitting idle. At last, one of the guy from our team was asked to conclude it. This is a golden chance. They are giving a second chance to student who couldn't contribute well before but they are willing to take. GD is included to test your communication skill, presentation skill and skill to work in a team.

Do not argue with team members. Try to say your point as a suggestion without aggressive attitude. Student who are talented, who can speak well but with aggressive attitude are eliminated. Listen to others. Be polite and confident while you speak.

Coordinator called out 3 names So I had a thought like that they were selected but she asked them to submit their tags and leave. So 7 out of 10 was selected from our group. We were directed to another room and told to fill some documents regarding our education contact details etc. It was collected along with our resume and photo. This will be given to tech n hr interviewer. You can see what all criteria they are looking in us in that form. It included the technical skill, language proficiency, communication, analytical, focusing skill.

Next we had Tech round. Each one is directed to an interviewer where they will test our technical knowledge. This round is based on how we filled the document they provided earlier. They asked us to scale our language/subject knowledge. According to the scale they will ask questions. Friends mark only the subject you are well confident about. It need not be a programming language. Any subject your are confident with, from your degree or pg. Most people selected java, c/c++, sql, data structure, operating system, software engineering.

I have been asked about oops concept, working of switch, sql statements, normal forms, functional dependency with example. I was afraid at that time because I was not sure about the answer. But the interviewer seems so cool and asked me to say whatever my answer is but confidently. Then he told me to wait outside. I waited for 10 min then someone came and told me to go and report another room for HR round. I was like " wow! I cleared Tech ".

I felt Tech round as difficult to crack, most of the students got eliminated here. But don't worry friends its all depends on your performance. If you have knowledge you will crack it.

I was called for HR round. The interviewer seemed so friendly. He told me to relax and speak with an open mind. Told me to introduce myself. I included my pg and degree details, family details, hobbies. Then he asked to say about last seen film. I just explained. Then he asked me what I miss from my degree college life mostly. He wanted me to speak so he kept on asking questions like how can I be a good team player, difficulties faced while doing projects as a team. Asked about how I will convince my parents to work out of state, if they don't allow. It took almost 20 minutes of conversation and at last he told result will be mailing to you and said to leave. I said thank you and left.

I don't know if anyone got eliminated in HR round. From my college all who appeared for HR cleared it. Some of my friends were asked to speak about the company, its values. Also about how will you gather requirements from client to build a software. More details regarding academic project.

Friends try to know all details regarding your projects. And try to prepare an answer for common questions like strength, weakness, salary expected, why should hire you, where you see yourself within 5 or 10 years, how long you will work, and prepare resume carefully, include details only you are confident to say. Do not include fake details they will catch.

With my parent's prayer and friend's support I could clear all rounds. Now waiting for the joining date from Syntel. Friends Be confident about whatever, whenever and wherever you speak. All the very Best.

Students Feedback 2
Syntel Interview Experience - Chennai, Nov 18, 2014
Hello Everyone! Earlier I used to read everyone's experience. Never expected one day even I would write my own experience here. I'm happy to share my experience with all of you in this platform. I got a mail of interview invite from Syntel in Chennai.

First round was Written exam. Paper is not so easy and at the same time it is not that tough too. If you practise some bits daily from avg, SI+CI, %, profit-loss, number Series, syllogisms, seating arrangements, etc. After that, we were called for technical round. There were 2 people for technical. One was a bit strict and other sir was casual. Remember a thing guys, what you mention in your resume only on that questions will be asked. So don't add too many things in your resume which you are not sure about.

Programs on prime nos., fibonacci series, armstrong no., even nos., etc were asked for non core students like me (Iam from EEE). Asked me to explain my Final year Project and asked me on TESTING, since I did testing course. For core (IT/CSE) students, they were asked on DBMS, java, SQL, etc. After that most of the students were not allowed for HR round. They were told that they can leave back and would be informed later.

Only 5-6 went for HR round. HR was very friendly. He asked me to introduce myself and asked about my hobbies, certifications, etc. He asked me to speak something about syntel. After that he asked me what do you mean by leadership qualities?Told!Why should we hire you?Which quality makes you suitable for this position in syntel?After that he told soon we shall meet in SYNTEL.

I was literally happy but was in dilemma what about the results of written exam?A lady HR from HR panel told us that in 2-3 days, we would get our results of written exam. I was worried as I did not get any mail from them.

After 10 days, I got a mail from SYNTEL that I was selected by the company. I was on cloud9. Soon, they would intimate me with the job location and DOJ. Eagerly waiting for it!Finally I am a SYNTELLECT now.

One of the important thing which they observe is your confidence, communication skills, your way of answering the questions. Guys never loose HOPE as it is one of key role that can make you look more confident.

I used to practice bits from INDIABIX. If you solve more n more bits, You will easily crack the written exam. Stay happy, never ever loose HOPE n answer confidently in the interview. All the best for future and may god bless all!
Students Feedback 3
SYNTEL Interview Experience - Chennai, Nov 17, 2014
Hi friends,

My syntel experience is very cool and I'm happy to share it with you all.
I had my written Exam in may 2014 and that result was announced in june 2014. Its a very short time. My witten is through MONSTER COLLEGE and it was some what easy to prepare.

It has sections which are common lyk.
1. Apptitude.
2. Reasoning.
3. Vocabulary.

The questions were from RS AGARWAL models so prepare this and you can crack the exam.
Next my interview is in NOV 2014 such a long time they took for this. And this has 3 rounds.
1. GD.
2. TR.
3. HR.

1. GD: This tym beyond our expectations the hr came there conducted a jam for us. And the topic is. WHETHER YOUTH IN RECENT DAYS ENJOYING THEIR FREEDOM IN A GOOD WAY are NOT. ? among the 10 guys there I spoke well fr the given time supporting the topic at last to make other guys also speak he again conducted gd on the same topic. Out of 10. 5 were selected and as I know I was among them.

2. TR: I was nervous that time. But my HR was too friendly and he made me answer all the questions in a very cool manner as I kept plsql in my resume he asked me more on that.

Hr: Difference between drop and delete.
Me: Told.

Hr: Difference between rollback and commit.
Me: Told.

Hr: Program on fibonacci series.
Me: Wrote.

Hr: Asked to write program using sizeof and strlen.
Me: Wrote.

Hr: Diff between sizeof and strlen.
Me: Told'.

And still more questions on sql and data structures I can't remember them but answer them confidently if you don't know any question tell them that you don't know don't bluff the hr they know everything whether you know are dnt know the answer.

After this I was asked to wait for TR.

3. HR: This time I'm very glad to see the same hr who conducted my GD.

Hr: Tell me about syntel.
Me: Told.

Hr: Why syntel.
Me: Told.

Hr: Reason for my wish to join in syntel.
Me: Told.

Hr: Asked details about my parents.
Me: Told.

Hr: Willing join in any branch. ?
Me: With perfect voice I said sure for this question.

The hr here is tooo friendly and he asked me simple question as I mentioned above.

One thing to say friends your confidence matters here you should answer them with much confidence. Don't loose this in any minute Though many of my friends cleared syntel they were shortlisted after gd. For gd practising is very important and for technical round keep in my what is kept in your resume and prepare well on that concepts.

I'm pleasure to share my experience with you all hope this will be useful for you all.

Download placement paper for syntel company in pdf format

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