5 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern for wipro

About Company
Wipro Technologies, a division of Wipro Limited is amongst the largest global IT services, BPO and Product Engineering companies. In addition to the IT business, Wipro also has leadership position in niche market segments of consumer products and lighting solutions. The company has been listed since 1945 and started its technology business in 1980. Today, Wipro generates USD 6 billion (India GAAP figure 2009-10) of annual revenues. 

India Locations:  Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bhopal, Mumbai, Delhi, Secundrebad, Hydrebad.
Headquarters:   Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Website: http://www.wipro.com 
About Syllabus
WiproTest Consists of 4 Sections.
1)aptitude test: logical,quanti,verbal.
2) English : Basic english, Antonyms, Synonyms.
3) Logical Reasoning
4) Technical interview:  Basic knowledge of Data structures and Loops.

Download placement paper for wipro company in pdf format

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