30 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern of hp

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management of hp company
-Ability to grow within the company- As individual contributor or a manager. do various positions and roles
- company has a variety of opportunities for growth, ample training programs
- Software is unstable, very frequent org changes
- bureaucracy, nepotism, lack of mentorship programs, lack of skip level discussions.
Advice to Management
-Encourage excellence and reward for it
-company should have mentorship programs to groom future leaders.

Similar companies include:
InfoSys Limited, Accenture, Capgemini.
Average Salary by Job for  hp Employees
Placement paper pattern of hp company
About the Recruitment test:
Paper pattern:
In HP there are four rounds.
1. Aptitude.- There are 55 mcq.
- 35 from Technical (C, C++, DBMS).
- 12 from maths.
- 8 from English.
2. Technical HR.
3. Managerial HR.
4. Personal HR.
Company profile of hp
HP headquarters in Palo Alto, California

Website -        HP.com

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