29 Jan 2015

Placement paper pattern of igate

Placement paper pattern of igate

Hi guys, The day come, when we need to discuss those company which are not too much old but growing like anything, Yes I am talking about igate. Management is very aggressive and focuses only on business and employee empowerment. I will give full details about placement paper suggestion, pay scale, career guide, recommended book, eligibility criteria and many more. Don’t worry I am here to clarify your all doubt so you can be on right track for interview preparation for software companies.  I hope this article will also be utilized to expertise you in the field of preparing interview for not only in private sector but a government sector jobs also. Fresher’s can use this article for placement materials to improve your ability. This guide given in this web page will help to take decision and make your decision in right direction. I tried to give complete guide to fresher’s which will help in preparation of igate.I have written number of article on complete interview package for job hunter. I have categorized page on categories wise. Those who want to make career in C & C++, you can refer this interview page for complete study material. Those who want to know what are training should I do before appearing in interview, they can refer training page. The guys who are hunting jobs, I have prepared complete management training program for them. I know practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge, so I have given number of technical and management project suggestion here. I know of the guys from you will be more interested in challenging programming questions, I have done a lot of studies on it. I have prepared best challenging programming question with solution on this website.

Company profile of igate
IGATE is an IT services company, headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey. IGATE engages with corporations in Europe, Japan ,North America, and Australia providing platform-based solutions to clients' by processes and  integrating technology in a proprietary way. Revenues of IGATE are over US$1.2 billion, and it has a global workforce of over 33,484. IGATE has over 70 offices and customer delivery centers across Europe, Asia ,North America, and Australia. IGATE delivers solutions by integrating technology and operations (ITOPS). IGATE, in 2011, acquired Patni Computer Systems – a company three times its size during that year. With a value of around a billion US dollars, this acquisition was the largest cross-border leveraged transaction in the IT sector. The merger and integration of the two companies was done smoothlyand in quick pace of a period of 12 months, including the delisting of Patni Computer Systems from the Indian bourses and consolidating the shareholder value in the U.S. The integration and merger of the two companies was done smoothlyand in quick pace of a period of 12 months, including the delisting of Patni Computer Systems from the Indian bourses and consolidating the shareholder value in the U.S.[c After the acquisition of Patni Computer Systems in 2011, it started the merging process and changed its name toiGATE Patni. It was changed to IGATE again on 7 May 2012. IGATE has shares in NYSE listed as "IGTE".


Corporate and Business Awards:
·         IGATE is ranked 51st in Fortune's100 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2014. Read more
·         Ashok Vemuri was elected to the Board of IT Governors at The World Economic Forum, Davos.
·         IGATE was ranked as a high performer in the enterprise mobility space by HfS Research – a leading independent analyst authority and community for the global business services and outsourcing industry.
·         IGATE won the VCCircle Awards 2014 [7] under the category- Best PE/VC backed IT Company of the Year 2013.
Sustainability Awards:
·         IGATE's Bangalore campus was rated as the most green campus by the Mysore Horticultural Society
·         IGATE was conferred with the Gold Level Award in the Healthy Workplace 2013 assessment. Arogya World – the global health non-profit organization, conducted the first edition of this assessment in India as part of the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action leveraging workplaces as platforms for wellness advancement and chronic disease prevention.
HR Awards:
·         IGATE was named No.1 in Dataquest-CMR Best Employer Survey for 2012. With this, IGATE remained in the Top 3 for the sixth year in a row and for the second time, was ranked no.1.
·         IGATE was recognized with two awards at the fourth Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2013. The Company was awarded for "Global HR Strategy," while Dr. Srinivas Kandula, Global Head – HR, IGATE was given the "HR Leadership Award.
·         IGATE was ranked No.2 in the 'Best Employer Survey in Greater Toronto Area' conducted by Aon Hewitt in collaboration with Queen's University, Canada.

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management of igate company
- Good work life balance but quality of work depends on the project you are assigned to.
- Tremendous opportunity to learn, faster promotion if u r extra ordinary.
-amazing induction program for engineer trainees
-Time management & Brand name of Company.
- I have never seen work life balance for me in my entire journey of iGate.
- Notice Period (3 months and they wont accept BUY OUT even if you are on bench).
- Business hierarchy was very tedious for getting some common approvals need to send email across different ppl from different zones
Advice to Management

Should offer more transparent career growth opportunities, maybe switch between domains or technical departments. Please try to review the policies of the company and also try to revise the pay scale based on experience.

Freshers payscale of igate company
Igate typically pays:
above market
Similar employers pay:
above market
Similar companies include:
Accenture, Capgemini, InfoSys Limited
Average Salary by Job for Igate Employees
Paper pattern of igate company
About the Recruitment test:

1) Aptitude Test.
2) Technical interview.
3) HR Interview.

1) Aptitude Test:

Marks : 50.
Sections : 3 (Verbal, , Analytic, Quantitative).
Type : Paper (OMR Sheet).
Duration : 1 hour.
Negative Marking : None.

I) Verbal :(overall easy).

Preparation : AbhilashaTechnology

1) Passage (very very very easy) (tip : read questions first and then find the answer).
2) Antonyms.
3) Synonym.
4) Prepositions.
5) Syllogisms.
6) Error Correction.
7) Find missing word.
8) Fill missing articles.
9) Fill correct article..etc.

II) Quantitative (easy).

Preparation : RS Agarwal, Indiabix.

1) Profit and loss.
2) Boats and Stream.
3) Time and work.
4) Time distance Speed.
5) Train.
6) Average
7) Percentage.
8) Area and volume..
9) Ages .
10) Interests..etc.

III) Analytical (Logical) (It is easy).

Preparation : AbhilashaTechnology.

1) Matching figure.
2) All roads are highway all buildings are road.
3) Statement and Assumption...etc.
4) Analogy.
Recommended Books to buy for interview preparation of igate company
6.      You Tube Video which talks how can you improve your answers?
e)   GD
Students Feedback 1 of  igate company
iGATE Interview Experience - Bangalore, Jan 13, 2015
Hi Guys, My name is Anjali, I have attended the igate interview on 14th November 2014 at Kolkata. It was a pool of 12 colleges in which nearly 500+ student attended the exam of igate, out of which 85 could clear the aptitude and 56 finally got selected after the interview. My department is ECE and did lot of practice in programming language c only.

The aptitude paper was very easy. It consisted of 50 questions which was to be solved in 60 mins. I think the cutoff was around 43-45. I somehow cleared the aptitude.

The interview was in two parts. 1. Technical Round 2.HR Round.

Technical Round:

I went inside the room wished good afternoon and shaked hand.

TR: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Introduced.This is most challenging question, everybody need to prepared for it.This is default question from any TR.

TR: You are an EC engineer what will you do at Igate ?

Me: TR, iGATE is not limited to IT. I have read over the internet that it has got a working sector that deals with Telecom. So, I can be used over there.
TR: Why should I hire you ?

Me: TR, My basic concepts of Academics are clear and if given a chance the I will be one of the dedicated employee and most disciplined of the company.

TR: You heard about 4G.
Me: TR 4G has not yet evolved completely its 4G LTE Long Term evolution.

TR: Know you brief about that.
Me: TR, I don't know much about that.

TR: OK you heard about 1G, 2G, 3G what are that ?
Me: Explained each in details.

TR: What is the range of frequency used by the Telecom providers in India ?
Me: TR 900MHz for uplink and 1800 MHz for downlink and for 3G its 2100 MHz downlink.

TR: Whats this uplink and downlink  frequency?
Me: Explained.

TR: Which is better CDMA or GSM ?

TR: Why ?
Me: TR because CDMA is more secured than GSM.I briefed point wise.I recommend you guys to be prepared point wise for giving answer.

TR: How ?
Me: Explained.

TR: Then GSM is so popular in India ?
Me: TR, I don't know but I think may be GSM is cheaper than CDMA. I also added but TR now days WCDMA is very popular with 3G connections.

TR: Why GSM so popular in European countries and CDMA in North American countries ?
Me: Don't know TR.

TR looked in to my CV.

TR: SO, you know both C and Java ? ( Giving a deadly smile)
Me: Yes, TR my basics are clear.

TR: Ok, The tell me the types of classes in java.
Me: TR one is abstract class and the other one (concrete class) I don't remember.

TR: Ok, Tell me the various concepts of java.
Me: abstraction , Polymorphism, inheritance, and encapculation.

TR: Ok , explain any one & scenario where you can use it.
Me: explained.

TR: Ok I think I am done with you . You can now leave and wait for the HR.
Me: Thank you TR.

The HR round was easy.

She asked me questions like

Tell me about yourself.
Describe your project (to check your english)..
Family back ground.
Regarding favorite location. Etc

These are the following basic point you need to care.
1. Be confident.
2. Make you speed fast.
3. If you are not able to solve question, don’t waste you time for that question. Leave it for solving it later if time permit.
4. Practice practice practice ….

Igate is a very good company for freshers, Starting Package is not so bad. If u prepare well with strong basic and did lot of practice, I think u are in. Best luck to all of you who are trying   for this company!! I wish u "ALL THE BEST" Good Luck!!
Students Feedback 2 of  igate company
iGATE Interview Experience - 11 Jan 2015 Hyderabad

Hi Friends

I am Samiksha from University college of Engineering, Osmania University.
I would like to share my interview experience with all u guys. It was a drive with around 800 students  participated. After a long wait we had aptitude test which consist of 20 marks verbal English and 30 marks logical reasoning (aptitude).

These are the question which are asked in Verbal section :

Very very simple passage.
Antonyms 2 question.
Fill missing articles.
Fill correct article.
Find incorrect statement.
Find missing word.
Synonyms 2 question.

Question asked from Aptitude:

Age problems.
Match diagrams 2 question.
Time and work.
Profit and loss.

I answered around 42 correct and rest 8 were fluke as there was no negative marking. After half an hour results announced and I cleared aptitude along with 200 more people.

Technical Interview:

TR: Hi.
Me: Hello TR. Good afternoon. Nice to meet you.

TR : How are you.
Me: Fine TR.

TR: Tell me about your be project.
Me: Told.
TR : Tell me about yourself.
Me : Told.

TR: You are from electronics branch so why do you wish to join it company.
Me : Told.

TR: what is Difference between c and c++.
Me : Told.

TR: Which programming language do you prefer and why.
Me : C and told the reason.

TR: Family background.
Me : Told.

TR: Will you relocate to Chennai.
Me : Yes Sir.

TR: What innovative task will you initiate when you join igate.
Me : Told.

TR: Nice meeting you.
Me : Same here TR thank you.

After an hour there was hr interview.

HR: Hi. Ga.
Me: Ga.

HR : Do you have any drops and is your criteria satisfied.
Me : Yes.

HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me : Told.

HR: Strengths.
Me : Told.

HR: Family background.
Me : Told.

HR: We will revert to you in 7 days. What salary do you expect.
Me: I am fine with anything maam. Ok. Thank you.

Now I am awaiting for results. I had appeared for infosys previously but dint clear aptitude. Igate was a very nice experience.

Guys prepare well for aptitude and crack it. Rest is cake walk. Take care.
 I Hope,This information will help you guys. God Bless you and all The best for you interview!.
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