5 Feb 2015

Placement paper pattern of godrej

Company profile of godrej
 Date of Establishment
07-03 1988
Corporate Address
Eastern Express Highway,Pirojshanagar,Vikhroli (East)Mumbai-400079, Maharashtra
Business Operation

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management of godrej company
      1.Good 360 degree view of job arena, small company so learning the ropes of management and picking up knowledge of profile skills is good.
      2. Job security, Work Timings, Work Life Balance.
      1.Management has little or no experience of I.T consulting, mostly belong to different industries, no leadership strategy to take the company forward, more reactive than proactive leadership, top management does not give a direction to the company per se.
      2. Salary, Management, Work, Company Values, Office Cultures

Freshers payscale of godrej company
godrej typically pays:
above market
Similar employers pay:
above market
Similar companies include:
Sony, Samsung, LG
Average Salary by Job for godrej Employees

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